Dandelion leaves and root contain vitamins (A,C,K,B) and minerals (including magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and choline).

Liver Support and Detoxification Dandelion has been used for centuries to improve liver health and detoxification. Despite not being well-studied, many hepatitis patients use it to strengthen the liver.

Female Health and Hormone Balance Dandelion is widely utilised by persons with hormone imbalance, urinary infection, and recurring mastitis due to its high nutrient and detoxifying levels.

Clearer Skin Dandelion is healthy for the skin due to its magnesium and zinc concentration and ability to help detoxification. Many individuals also take it in pill or tea form to encourage good skin.

Uses of Dandelion Root and Leaves Perhaps we wouldn’t be so quick to remove this “backyard weed” if we were more familiar with the myriad of uses it has

Coffee Substitute Dandelion root is harder than the leaves and used in decoctions and tinctures. Coffee replacements typically contain the powder (my favourite is Dandy Blend). The root is a natural diuretic.

Poultices Dandelion root and leaf are used in teas and poultices for abscesses and ulcers, especially on the breast and in female health remedies to encourage lactation and treat urinary difficulties.

Dandelion Tea The flower makes tea and wine. Leaves and root can be used in teas, but they have a stronger taste and are commonly blended with other herbs for flavour and nutritional absorption.