The egg is a pretty incredible little package. Versatile, protein-packed, and full of nutrition (especially if they’re free-range)

The shell? It's 90% calcium carbonate, the same as nails, teeth, and bones. Calcium is needed for bone density, heart health, and the nervous system.

Add 1/2 teaspoon eggshell powder to food daily for 400-500 mg bioavailable calcium. Certain foods may become gritty when added.

Eggshell powder is undetectable in baked goods and heavier foods. Energy bars or breakfast burgers work well.

When making bone broth, you can add crushed eggshells. Vinegar helps break down nutrients in ingredients.

Eggshells in the Garden Soil Amendment – The key to using eggshells in the garden is to give it time. Plants take calcium in through the roots. Pest Deterrent – Crush leftover eggshells into small shards and sprinkle them over garden soil.

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Eggshells are a good calcium source for our canine friends too. You can sprinkle some finely ground eggshell powder over their dog food as a supplement.