Freshwater algae with many benefits, like Spirulina. It's a single-celled freshwater algae, unlike spirulina (spirulina is multi-cell). It's one of the oldest known species and can reproduce 8 times a day, making it a sustainable nutrient source.

Chlorella Nutrition Facts: Many sources list this nutrient dense algae as one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, claiming that:

A 1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains: – Protein—16g – Vitamin A—287% RDA – Vitamin B2—71% RDA – Vitamin B3—33% RDA – Iron—202% RDA – Magnesium—22% >RDA – Zinc—133% RDA

Chlorella Benefits Detoxification Chlorella is a source of Chlorophyll, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, and amino acids, but it is primarily known as a detoxifying supplement.

Immune Support WebMD lists that Chlorella is used to boost the immune system, to aid digestive problems, to increase good bacteria in the digestive system, and for ulcers.

Cautions Though generally considered safe, Chlorella comes with some cautions and warnings. It can contain moderate levels of iodine, so those with iodine sensitive thyroid conditions or iodine allergies should avoid it.

Finding Quality Chlorella It is important to find a quality Chlorella supplement as low-quality supplements may contain mercury or not have a cracked cell wall, making them useless to the body.

Personally, I have used these brands with good results: Recovery Bits Chlorella Powder Capsules Chlorella/Spirulina Blend Tablets