Did someone break into your Facebook account? Check for this red flag

You know by now that details like your Social Security number and banking login are extremely valuable to hackers and scammers

Every time you log in to a service or account, the activity gets logged in some way. This information can include your device name

Facebook is relatively good at keeping track of what devices access your account and when. You’ll get a notification from the app

There’s another way to see if someone else has access to your Facebook account. It just takes a few minutes to check and can give you peace of mind

Here’s how to see the devices logged into your Facebook account: – Sign in to your Facebook account. – Click on the down arrow in the top right corner

– Click on Settings & privacy > Settings. – Finally, click on Security and Login. You’ll see a section called Where you’re logged in

When you click on the See More option, the list expands for a broader view