Chamomile is one of the most well-known herbs, and one I’m never without, especially with small children.

Chamomile flowers are mildly sedative, improving sleep and relaxation. I use chamomile instead of Tylenol for teething or colicky babies, and on my own stomach after giving birth.

Ways to Use Chamomile – As an herbal tea before bedtime to help improve relaxation and sleep – As a tincture (internally or externally) for muscle pain or for teething children (on the gums) – As a tincture for children who have trouble sleeping or who are emotionally upset

– As a strong brewed tea in the hair to naturally lighten blonde tones – To help relax during emotional or physical distress (I use the tincture internally during labor to help ease contractions and help me relax)

– Internally and externally for headache relief – As a tincture to help calm hyper children

Where to Get Chamomile – As with most herbs, I buy in bulk from Starwest Botanicals as this is the cheapest way to order and I am confident in the quality of their herbs.

-There are also capsules, but I wouldn't recommend a concentrated dose for children. This is more effective when stopping a tobacco or drug addiction under a natural doctor's supervision.

Chamomile is generally safe for anyone, including pregnant women, but it can cause an allergic reaction in those with ragweed allergies.