True to its name, Catnip herb is highly attractive to cats.

Catnip is a favourite children's herb. It relaxes the body and increases perspiration, which helps the infection leave the body faster. It settles stomachs and calms upset children.

Catnip infusions and baths help with flu and illness-related achy muscles. Externally applied to colicky babies' stomachs, it helps them sleep.

This herb is calming. It's in my Sweet Dreams Sleep Tincture, which helps kids relax and sleep better, especially when sick.

Catnip tea improves digestion, eases morning sickness, and calms nerves. Its relaxing qualities help insomniacs.

I buy this and other herbs in bulk and make my own teas, tinctures, eye pillows for sleep, and herbal bath salts.

It's also available as a sleep aid capsule, herbal tea (in tea bags), essential oil for skin, and herbal extract with fennel for digestive relief. Plant Therapy carries a pre-mixed essential oil blend of the same herbs I use in my herbal bug spray.

As always, please check with a doctor or qualified practitioner before using this or any herb as a remedy.