With one trading week left for July, the S&P 500 is on pace to notch its biggest monthly gain since October of 2021

However, that optimism should be put into context. Since January, the market had dropped as much as 25%

The U.N., Russia and Ukraine reached a deal allowing for Ukrainian wheat exports to resume after being stalled in the wake of Russia’s invasion

The war in Ukraine has reverberated across the world in the form of higher commodity prices, creating inflationary pressures.

The move will further push Amazon into healthcare by allowing for a combination of telemedicine and in-person doctor visits

On another note, it comes at a time when Amazon is under pressure amidst accusations it gave preference to showing its own brand of goods when customers search for products on the website

Last night after the close, in a result that is probably a surprise to parents everywhere, Snap released disappointing earnings and new user growth dropping

For retail traders, next week could get rocky but may also present opportunities. Market valuations are down substantially from their highs