Natural health's newest buzzword is C60. Sunburn prevention, hair growth, and longevity are all benefits.

C60 protects the body from free radical damage as an antioxidant.

Carbon 60 abbreviates C60. It's how many carbon atoms form a fullerene molecule. "Buckyballs" are Buckminsterfullerenes.

C60 is lab-made from graphite. Scientists vaporise graphite to form new carbon bonds, giving it a soccer ball shape.

The 2012 Baati Rat Study popularised C60. This study examined C60's toxicity, oxidative stress, and longevity.

C60 benefits may help with a laundry list of health concerns, including: – sun damage/sunburns – radiation protection – viral infections – oxidative stress – amyloid plaques in the brain (linked with Alzheimer’s disease) – allergies – enhance brain activity

C60 Health Benefits C60 Benefits for Skin Care Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Aging Increased Energy Healthy Weight Brain and Cognition Cancer Support

Taking this miracle molecule is easy. C60 can be dissolved in olive oil, avocado oil, MCT coconut oil, or black seed oil. Capsules should include one of these carrier oils.