Natural health's newest buzzword is C60. Sunburn prevention, hair growth, and longevity are all benefits. C60 protects the body from free radical damage as an antioxidant.

C60 is short for “Carbon 60.” It refers to the number of carbon atoms that, when connected, form a molecule called a fullerene. More specifically, a Buckminsterfullerene, or “buckyballs” for short.

C60 is a synthetic molecule derived from graphite in a lab. The scientists vaporize graphite so the carbon can form new bonds, changing its shape to that of a soccer ball.

C60 first got attention with the landmark 2012 Baati Rat Study. This study looked into C60’s effects on toxicity, oxidative stress, and long life.

According to researchers, C60 benefits may help with a laundry list of health concerns, including: – sun damage/sunburns – radiation protection – viral infections – oxidative stress

It’s important to note there’s a difference between fat-soluble C60 and water-soluble C60. Mice given water-soluble Carboxyl C60 went from a 120-day to a 128-day lifespan.

C60 compounds have health benefits. There are some human studies, but most involve animals. Human investigations of C60's advantages for skin seem promising.

According to research, C60 may have anti-aging effects and promote clear, youthful skin. When used in lotion, it’s been shown to protect against sunburn.