Spiders are often associated with feelings of fear and anxiety (arachnophobia, anyone?).

1Mexican Fireleg Tarantula: Five to Six Inches Commonly known as the Mexican fireleg or rustleg tarantula, these spiders are long-living creatures that reach maturity between their seventh and tenth years of life.

2Brazilian Wandering Spider: Six Inches These large spiders, with a leg span of up to six or seven inches (15-18 centimeters), have been found hidden inside imported fruit crates from Central and South America.

3Colombian Giant Redleg: Six to Eight Inches The Colombian giant redleg spider is a type of tarantula found in the rain forests of Colombia and Brazil.

4Peacock Tarantula: Six to Eight Inches Considered a critically endangered species, the peacock tarantula is easily identified by its unique blue color. When full-sized, these animals can measure up to six to eight inches in leg span.

5 Wessel’s Tiger Ornamental: Seven to Eight Inches This species is primarily found in the Eastern Ghats of India, with the female growing as big as eight inches.

Luckily, for all arachnophobes out there, these fairly large spiders are not commonly found in human habitations. But if someone does go backpacking through the Eastern Ghats of India, they are highly likely to have a chance encounter with these critters.

nfortunately, there is very little information available on these spiders or their population numbers. Consequently, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has marked it as a “data deficient” species.