Demand for tech-savvy tools to make tipping easier is growing as people rely more on credit cards and digital wallets.

Here's a look at the best tip calculator apps and two tipping calculator websites: – Tip N Split Tip Calculator. – Gratuity. – Global Tipping. – Plates by Splitwise. – Tip Me. – TipFlip. – Tip Calculator at

With Tip N Split, you can quickly calculate gratuity and split the bill. You can round up or down the tip to 20%, 15%, etc.

The Gratuity app calculates tips for you and others if you're splitting the bill. Enter the bill amount on a keypad, and the math is done. 

Global Tipping is a tipping app, not a tipping calculator, but it's user-friendly. Bar patrons can use the app. It provides tipping information for 30 countries and helps you split the bill.

This app helps restaurant-goers split the bill. You can divide a check evenly among up to 10 people or in several ways.

This tipping calculator app, Tip Me, also allows you to calculate the tip before and after the sales tax. has math, business, and statistics calculators.