Large appliances can be expensive, though not as much as a house or car.

The Best Times to Buy Appliances – September to December. – Holiday weekends. – Spring and fall. – End of the year or end of the month. – Right now.

September to December Why is this a good time to buy appliances? Well, you start off with Labor Day in September, which always a good time for sales across a range of categories.

Holiday Weekends Holiday weekends are known for their sales. President's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving weekend (which generally begins with Black Friday and ends with Cyber Monday).

Spring and Fall "Seasons influence the appliance market. Summer is when weak fridges and AC systems break "Yu Amy Xia, a business analytics professor at William & Mary in Virginia, agrees.

End of the Month and End of the Year Now it sounds like we're just messing with you – that any time of the year you can find sales on appliances.

Why Right Now May Be the Best Time to Buy Large Appliances It's all true, but at the same time, the pandemic has upended much of our lives, including the rules of shopping.

Strategies for Getting Good Deals on Appliances While the discounts on appliances may not be as plentiful or as steep as you'd like, there are some tactics you can try to bring down the price.