Vanguard Institutional Index according to Lan Anh Tran, an analyst at Morningstar. This makes VINIX, a passively managed fund, an excellent choice to include in a 401(k) plan

Fidelity 500 Index Another great passively managed fund for 401(k) investors to look at is Fidelity 500 Index. Like VINIX, FXAIX also tracks the S&P 500

Vanguard PrimeCap An actively managed fund, Vanguard PrimeCap's expense ratio of 0.38% is significantly greater than that of most passively managed funds

T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030 Like other target-date funds, the idea behind T. Rowe Price Retirement 2030 is to consistently reallocate the fund's holdings with an eye to helping investors retire at a certain date

BlackRock High Yield Bond Portfolio Another actively managed fund, BlackRock High Yield Bond Portfolio, has a 0.49% expense ratio

Vanguard Wellington With an inception date all the way back in 1929, the actively managed Vanguard Wellington, in addition to being Vanguard's oldest mutual fund

American Funds American Balanced R5 Another blended fund, American Funds American Balanced R5, is weighted similarly to VWELX

Fidelity Growth Company Fidelity Growth Company's stated main goal is capital appreciation for its investors.