Investing has never been better. Today's brokers and robo-advisors make it easy for young people to invest with nearly any amount of money.

Wealthfront Wealthfront, currently owned by UBS, is a good alternative for novices because it's low price, highly automated, and only requires $500 to join.

Betterment You'll start with Betterment's robo-advisor package, which charges 0.25 percent annually. As you get richer, you may desire professional advise on your portfolio and financial goals.

Robinhood Robinhood! Robin Hood is a well-known hero. It's easy to use, has beginner-friendly features, and only costs $1 to invest.

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing First, Chase customers. You can log onto Chase, open a new brokerage account in a few clicks, and presto — your Self-Directed Investing account will be on your Chase dashboard forever, between checking/savings accounts and easily accessible.

TD Ameritrade TD Ameritrade offers a huge toolkit for beginner and experienced traders to develop their skills.

Public Public (formerly known as Matador) offers a more social, interactive, and communal investing experience.

Acorns Robo-advisor Acorns looks to strip all the intimidation away from investing and help you build consistent, healthy financial habits.