Credit unions serve a specific community or employer and may offer a more personal banking experience than big banks. Qualified customers can get good rates and deals on banking products.

Navy Federal Credit Union Pros: – Expertise in serving the unique needs of the military and DoD – Highly competitive rates – Free checking options Cons: – $1,000 minimum to open one-year Standard CD

Eastman Credit Union Pros: – Excellent selection of savings accounts, including IRA savings – Highly competitive rates – No checking fee Cons: – $1,000-$2,500 minimum to open most CDs

Police and Fire Pros: – Excellent free checking APY – Comparatively low overdraft fee Cons: – $1,000 minimum to open a one-year CD

Wings Financial Pros: – Outstanding high-yield checking account APY – No monthly checking or savings account fees – 12-month add-on CD Cons: – No interest on money market balances below $5,000

Alliant Pros: – Competitive checking and savings rates – No overdraft fees – Excellent CD rates – No checking fee – Anyone can join Cons: – $1,000 minimum required to open a 1-year CD

Patelco Pros: – Free checking options – Lower minimum required for opening a CD Cons: – Lower rates on checking and savings accounts

Ent Pros: – Free checking – Unique CD options, including one for kids and one you can add to whenever you want Cons: – Less competitive rates