In the U.S., the average cost of monthly expenditures for people ages 65 and older — i.e., rent, groceries, healthcare costs — is $1,982.25, according to a GOBankingRates study.

Lincoln, Nebraska Monthly expenditures: $1,878.24 Livability: 78 Monthly healthcare costs in Nebraska’s capital city top the list at $537.11. At $940 per month, rent for a one-bedroom is also the second most expensive, but it could be worth the price, as it scored the highest livability rank.

Des Moines, Iowa Monthly expenditures: $1,820.63 Livability: 75 The city earned the second-highest livability rank, but rent in Des Moines averages a pricey $930 per month. Monthly healthcare costs also average $495.27, which is one of the highest on the list.

Greensboro, North Carolina Monthly expenditures: $1,779.02 Livability: 66 A great place to make friends,16% of the Greensboro population is 65 and older. However, monthly healthcare costs average among the priciest at $484.48.

Oklahoma City Monthly expenditures: $1,725.63 Livability: 69 It might be fun to live in Oklahoma’s capital city, but healthcare costs are the second-highest on the list, averaging $505.62 per month.

Corpus Christi, Texas Monthly expenditures: $1,718.34 Livability: 69 Chances are, you’ll have a vibrant social life in Corpus Christi, as 15% of the population is 65 and older. However, healthcare costs are on the higher side, averaging $436.16 per month.

Cincinnati Monthly expenditures: $1,640.38 Livability: 68 Grocery costs in Cincinnati are the second-highest on the list, averaging $401.95 per month.

Shreveport, Louisiana Monthly expenditures: $1,498.65 Livability: 65 At a monthly average of $374.77, groceries in Shreveport are the most affordable on the list.