Muscle building and toning don’t always have to require additional weight. Sometimes, the weight of your own body is plenty, especially if you’re increasing repetitions and focusing on tiring the muscle out.

There are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can easily perform anyplace, anytime, without the need for a lot of space.

Squats You cannot go wrong with squats. One of the staple exercises of every possible workout program, simple bodyweight air squats can do plenty for the activation and toning of your leg and glute muscles.

Lunges Another staple exercise that can be performed in a variety of ways are lunges. You can do front, reversed, curtsy, side, or a combination of all and really tackle all of your leg muscles to the point of burnout.

Push-Ups Weighted push-ups are rare. People sometimes test themselves with a weighted plate on their backs, but that's for more adventurous gym-goers because the set-up isn't comfortable.

Dips Dips are another fantastic upper-body bodyweight exercise. They can be done on a floor bench or an elevated surface, lifting your complete body weight.

Pull-Ups Mastering pull-ups is one of the hardest bodyweight exercises. They build upper body strength and muscular well. There are many changes to make.

You'll get stronger with each rep of these bodyweight workouts. Check out these hamstring exercises you can do at home if you want to focus on your legs.