“Bill-paying services are important tools to help consumers pay their bills and provide insight into their lives,” says Michael Hershfield, founder and CEO of Accrue Savings, a shopping app that rewards consumers for saving for merchandise.

“Gen Z and Gen Y want technology that will support their financial goals and empower their decision-making,” he says.

Bank automatic bill pay. It's simple. Your bank will automatically pay each creditor from your checking account based on the account information you provide.

Do an automated debit transaction. You can also direct a creditor to deduct money from your bank account on a monthly basis, such as in a payment plan.

Automatically pay your credit card. This works for monthly bills like a cellphone or cable bill. Mortgage and student loan payments don't work well (at least federal student loans; private loans may be another matter). 

The Best Bill-Paying Apps and Bill-Paying Software Prism The cost: Free. The app may collect small fees from some billers that may appreciate getting faster payments, but you'll pay nothing.

Quicken The cost: The price ranges from $34.99 to $83.88 per year, depending on the type of computer and software features you want. At the time of this writing, the service is discounted.

MyCheckFree The cost: Free.