Banks know that if they offer college students a good checking account, they could end up with a customer for life. Here are some banks that offer the features college kids are looking for.

Bank of America Bank of America Advantage Safe Balance Banking is a college checking account. No monthly maintenance fee for students under 25 and no overdraft fees prevent overspending.

Chase Chase offers a College Checking account for 17-24-year-olds. Free for students for up to five years. Linking your Chase Savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection waives the monthly fee.

PNC Bank Students who bank with PNC Bank can get a Virtual Wallet Student that includes a Spend account — your primary checking account, a Reserve account for short-term planning, and a Growth account for longer-term savings goals.

US Bank Participating students can link their student ID to their U.S. Bank Student Checking account to pay bills. U.S. Bank's campus banking programme offers on-campus banking and financial education.

Discover Discover doesn’t offer a student checking account per se, but its regular checking account is a good choice for students. The thing that makes it stand out is that it offers cash back on debit card purchases.

Many colleges and universities have credit unions on campus, which can be a good choice for students. Credit unions are owned by their members, not shareholders, so their primary objective is to provide good service and good interest rates to members.

Students get two free withdrawals per month at any ATM and no foreign transaction fees on debit cards. No monthly fees, but $9 lifetime membership fee.