The spice we refer to as Turmeric is actually the dried and ground rhizome of a plant in the same family as ginger.

The secret of this ancient spice is curcumin, a compound well-studied for its health benefits. Turmeric contains up to 3% curcumin by weight.

Health Benefits of Turmeric 1. Fighting inflammation 2. As an antioxidant 3. Protects the heart in various ways 4. Helpful for arthritis 5. Brain boosting 6. May be helpful for fighting diabetes and cancer

If you’ve researched this ancient spice at all, you may have seen that many supplements and recommendations also include black pepper as well.

Cautions about Turmeric Use Turmeric is generally considered safe for use in medicinal amounts, but it is important to talk to a doctor before using this or any substance medicinally as it can interact with several medications.

Practical Uses for Turmeric There are websites and books about using "superfoods" like this ancient spice medicinally. All of these substances are most beneficial when included in a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Turmeric Tea aka Golden Milk The name is slightly misleading, but this “tea” is a blend of some kind of milk (including almond milk or coconut milk), spices and optional sweetener.

Turmeric Broth If the Golden Milk drink above isn’t your thing or if you prefer a more savory warm drink, turmeric broth is a great alternative. Instead of a milk or milk alternative, the base of this drink is broth.