I've discussed the benefits of sauna sweating, but sweating in general is beneficial.

Sweating is trickier than it seems. We have 4 million sweat glands.

These excrete water, salt, amino acids, proteins, etc. Hormones and physiological changes affect composition.

We sweat for several reasons. The body uses sweat to regulate temperature and cool itself during stress.

Here are 11 pretty incredible reasons why sweating is good for you. 1. Detox Heavy Metals 2. Ditch the Endocrine Disruptors 3. Promote Healthier Skin 4. Defeat Harmful Microbes 5. Protect the Heart

6. Speed Recovery After Exercise 7. Lower Stress Hormones 8. Decrease the Risk of Alzheimer’s 9. Boost Sexual Drive and Attraction 10. Reduce Menopause Symptoms 11. Lower Risk of Kidney Stones

Here are some reasons why the amount we sweat might vary: Men vs. Women Weight Toxicity Hyperhidrosis Tattoos

Benefits of Sweating 1. Stop Using Antiperspirant 2. Get More Exercise 3. Sit in a Sauna