Over the years, local horticulturists and wildcrafters have told me about several beneficial herbs that grow in my backyard.

Wildcrafting  Harvest only some of the plant so that it can continue growing. 1/3 or less is generally considered a good amount to allow continued growth of the plant.

Use the herbs you harvest right away or take steps to preserve them immediately (drying, freezing, etc) so that they don’t spoil or lose their benefits.

1. Plantain This incredibly useful herb (not to be confused with the starchy cooking plantain that resembles a banana) is native to many areas and has a host of medicinal benefits.

2. Dandelion Another herb that you almost certainly know and have, but that you may not have realized was a beneficial herb is Dandelion.

3. Red Clover This tends to grow more in the spring and early summer, but Red Clover is another beneficial herb that is native to many places.

4. Purslane Purslane goes by many names, (pursley, duckweed, fatweed) and it grows almost everywhere. It is common in yards, gardens and even the cracks of sidewalks, but has lost its popularity in the kitchen.

5. Creeping Charlie Also called Ground Ivy and technically called Glechoma hederacea, this weed grows in many places and can take over once it starts growing. Though it is in the mint family, it does not smell or taste minty.