Ayurvedic food is thousands of years old. It's based on Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India.

We all have elements of the three types of doshas, but there’s typically one dosha that’s more prominent in our bodies. The doshas within Ayurvedic medicine are:

Vata Usually a person with this dosha is slim, bright, creative and active, but will get tired quickly. Vatas walk and think fast but also get bored easily.

Pitta With a medium, athletic build, pittas are natural leaders. However, they also can have a quick temper. Burning indigestion, diarrhea and skin inflammation (like rosacea or acne) can be common.

Kapha Typically sturdy with good endurance, kaphas are nurturing, patient and calm. Heaviness, water retention and fatigue can be a problem.

– Eating foods that are best for your dosha. You can find more details on foods recommended for each dosha from The Ayurvedic Institute's food guidelines.

– Avoiding snacks. If you feel hungry between meals, drink herbal tea or room-temperature water. Icy, cold foods or drinks are thought to slow digestion.

– Eating mindfully, without distractions. It’s also recommended to eat slowly and enjoy your food, which will help with digestion, Sheth says.