Alliant Credit Union has been around since 1935, though it was originally called the United Airlines Employees’ Credit Union. Today it manages $12 billion in assets for its 500,000 members.

Here’s a quick look at Alliant’s routing number: 271081528

Routing numbers act as bank IDs for wire transfers. American Bankers Association introduced routing numbers in 1910 to track checks.

Yes, more than a few banks have more than one routing number. Although Alliant only uses one routing number, it’s not uncommon to see large banks use multiple routing numbers.

You can find the routing number on a check by looking at the lower-left corner. The routing number will be printed horizontally, next to the account number.

SWIFT codes are basically routing numbers used in international wire transfers. Domestic banks use them to identify themselves and foreign banks during a transaction.

Alliant Credit Union does not use a SWIFT code. When receiving an international wire transfer, give the bank your Alliant routing number.

To send an international wire transfer from your Alliant account, complete the domestic wire transfer authorization form and fax it with a copy of a government-issued form of identification.