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Causes Excess weight and associated conditions like Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure raise the risk for developing endometrial cancer.

– Obesity. – Diabetes. – Age – your risk increases as you get older. – Having close relatives like a parent or sibling who have endometrial cancer or colorectal cancer.

– Exposure to tamoxifen, a hormonal therapy drug used for treating breast cancer. – A genetic condition called Lynch syndrome.

Having Lynch syndrome greatly increases a woman’s risk of developing endometrial cancer, as well as raising the risk for other cancers like colon cancer and ovarian cancer

For those with a first-degree relative, like a parent, sibling or child, with Lynch syndrome,

it's recommended that you undergo genetic testing to determine if you're at higher risk of developing endometrial cancer as well as other cancers

Some women with Lynch syndrome opt to undergo a hysterectomy – surgical removal of the uterus – to prevent uterine cancer