1. Supplement With L-Glutamine This tip came from Dr. Julia Ross' The Mood Cure. This book is a nutrition gold mine, and I liked her advice for overcoming a sugar tooth. (See her book The Craving Cure.)

2. Eat More Protein and Good Fats Sometimes, the cause of food cravings might be as simple as snacking on too many processed carbohydrates on a regular basis and not getting enough protein and fats.

3. Eat When You’re Hungry (and Plan Ahead) When you're hungry, you can't make smart eating choices. Offense is sometimes the best defence. In this case, that means preparing or prepping healthful meals in advance.

4. Get Moving Exercise releases some of the same endorphins you get from sugary foods and can be a great substitute when done consistently.

5. Get Some Sleep Sleep is crucial. Sleep deprivation is linked to almost every chronic disease. Insufficient sleep increases the risk of heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and other metabolic problems.

6. Try Supplementing With Chromium Doctors sometimes suggest taking chromium to regulate insulin. This essential trace element is important for balancing blood sugar levels.

7. Get Your B-Vitamins B-vitamins are important for so many reactions in the body, including the way you metabolize carbohydrates.

8. Stay Hydrated Hankering for a sweet afternoon snack? Pour yourself a glass of water instead. Thirst might be the culprit behind your sugar cravings.