Some individuals charge everything to get rewards points, but that's not you. You prefer cash payments. You may have rejected cards to curb overspending, avoid credit card fraud, or purchase offline.

Rent If you can't pay your rent online, consider paying in cash. Director of business development at JS Benefits Group William Capece, CFP, said this is unwise because it leaves no paper trace.

Car Capece warned against buying a car with cash due to low interest rates. "Car loans help in numerous ways," he remarked. Dealers make more money when clients use debt, so they'll give you a better bargain.

Home Maintenance and Updates If you own a home, you spend money on maintenance each year. Capece recommended to keep track of these expenses so you don't forget about them when filing taxes.

Bills and utilities Most subscription services demand a credit card because they know we're more likely to pay on time when the money is regularly deducted, said Cliff Auerswald, president of All Reverse Mortgage, Inc. "You'll never be late again"

Homebuying Buying a property with cash sounds like a dream. Auerswald disagreed. First, a mortgage gives you a tax credit that paying cash in full doesn't.

Digital Items You probably buy e-books, audiobooks, downloaded games, and streaming services frequently. consumer expert Julie Ramhold recommends avoiding bank-linked payment methods.

Big-Ticket Items Purchasing an expensive electronic item –i.e. a television, smartphone, tablet or computer — with cash can feel liberating, but Ramhold said it can also put you at a disadvantage.