Breast cancer risks vary. Lack of vitamins (especially vitamin D), deodorant chemicals, and hormones contribute to breast troubles, according to research.

1. Self-Exams and Checkups Here are a few ways I encourage healthy breasts. These natural tips cannot substitute medical advice.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet Eating whole, fresh, home-cooked foods reduces breast cancer risk. Cancerous breast tissue often contains aluminium and parabens, therefore eating fresh veggies will keep you healthy.

3. Take Herbs and Supplements for Breast Health There are lots of important vitamins for breast health, but vitamin D is arguably the most important nutrient you can get.

4. Choose Deodorant Wisely Deodorant and antiperspirant chemicals may harm breast health. Aluminum was discovered in mastectomy-removed malignant breast tissue.

5. Choose the Right Bra Unconsidered risk factor: your bra. Underwire or snug-fitting bras may limit lymph flow, preventing the body from removing armpit toxins. Michael Schachter, MD explains:

6. Work Toward Hormone Balance Hormones play a tremendous role in breast cancer, which is why HRT, contraceptives, and procedures that unnaturally alter your hormones can increase the risk of breast problems.

7. Exercise! Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, which is important when it comes to breast health. Obesity has been linked to an increased risk of all cancers, including breast cancer.