MacOS is designed to offer a simple and modern desktop experience. So on the surface, it may seem like there’s not much you can do to tweak its appearance other than the essentials, such as dark mode.

From lock screen avatars that react to incorrect passwords to a Control Centre that adapts to your needs, here are the best macOS customization tips you should be using.

Set an animated login avatar Tired of being greeted by your static selfie when your Mac boots up? Lucky for you, macOS now lets you set an animated emoji or Memoji as your login avatar.

Create your own dynamic wallpapers Out of the box macOS offers dynamic wallpapers that adapt to the time of the day, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to the ones Apple bundles by default.

Rearrange the Control Centre The Mac Control Center is customisable. You can choose which widgets appear on your menu bar, which stay hidden in Control Centre, and when they're visible.

Make the interface less transparent With the Big Sur update, Apple has made several macOS elements translucent to match the desktop’s backdrop, such as the dock and menu bar.

Jazz up the Safari home page Safari’s latest update for macOS Monterey adds a bunch of customization tools. The most notable of them is the new home page editor.

Theme the cursor MacOS has had the same black cursor throughout generations of updates. It’s time to refresh it with a new color scheme.