Congratulations if you've set a goal to lose weight and are seeing the pounds fall off!

Unintentional weight loss shouldn't be celebrated. Your body will likely struggle, causing symptoms.

Your weight reflects your overall health, and significant weight fluctuations could indicate that something is seriously wrong.

Thyroid As the thyroid oversees your metabolism, it's understandable that thyroid problems could lead to weight gain.

Gut disease Weight loss is caused by conditions such as celiac disease, Crohn's disease, lactose intolerance, and intestinal damage, which cause malabsorption.

Cancer Cancer causes weight loss. If someone reports sudden weight loss but disputes changes in food, activity, stress, and medications, it could be an indication of cancer.

​Rheumatoid Arthritis A chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the joints of the body. It also happens to be capable of causing rapid weight loss.

Drug Abuse People who binge on drugs frequently forget to eat for long periods of time. Drug abuse also weakens the immune system, which leads to weight loss.