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Epic News: God of War Ragnarök Arrives on PC in September.

Sony Natural Redirection pronounced today that the broadly lauded movement game Heavenly Power of War Ragnarök is coming to PC on September 19, 2024. The game, a continuation of 2018’s Master of War, will integrate an extent of PC-specific features and the post-farewell Valhalla DLC. According to Sony, the PC version of Ragnarök is being made in association with Jetpack Natural, who also worked on the PC port of the past Heavenly Power of War.

St Scratch Monica Studios’ Heavenly power of War (2018) was a popular game on ship off, being the essential state of the art title in the Ruler of War series. Regularly, when the title came to PC two years sometime later in mid 2022, it was a second hit among fans. In any case, when its continuation Ruler of War Ragnarök turned out around similar time, fans understood a PC port wanted to take some time. That holding up period will presently end soon.