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War Of Legends: Halmich VS Raab


There is one more gathering between Regina Halmich and Stefan Raab fast approaching.
The two can get back in the ring to test their solidarity. It is supposed that Halmich a previous title holder in ladies’ boxing, will confront Raab, a notable television moderator and performer. This news has grabbed the eye of many avid supporters as such a duel between an accomplished fighter and a television character would be an intriguing turn with regard to the game world.
The bits of gossip about the forthcoming duel are spreading rapidly, and fans are eager to see whether there will really be one more battle between Halmich and Raab.

On Great Friday, a striking video was distributed on the performer’s Instagram channel. It shows how television moderator Elton visits Stefan Raab on a distant island to convince him to get back into the game. After a conversation, the two settled on one condition: Raab would show up before the camera once more in the event that he figured out how to acquire 9,000,000 devotees on Instagram in three days or less.
After three days, on Easter Monday, the outcomes were clear: the objective of 9,000,000 adherents had been missed. All things considered, Raab figured out how to build his number of devotees from 169,000 to 2.8 million.
Elton and Raab should be visible again in another clasp on Monday. Elton claims they are „close” to the 9,000,000 yet Raab is unmoved. He proclaims solidly: „I’m not doing anything any longer.” But rather Elton helps him to remember an exceptional commitment: one more battle against Regina Halmich. Also, clearly the date has previously been set: September fourteenth, 2024. Toward the finish of the video it is shown that tickets will be accessible from April second at 3 pm.