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Shaniah Varlea Missing Updates: Where is Shaniah Varlea?

The public is currently being asked to assist Valencia County, New Mexico police in their search for Shaniah Varlea, a teenage girl who went missing. The upsetting information comes after it was previously reported that she vanished from Valencia County, New Mexico.

Shaniah Varlea Missing Updates

The Valencia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) is currently seeking assistance in locating missing person Shaniah Varlea. On February 20, 2024, at around 8:30 p.m., she was last seen. She may be operating a 2005 gray Pontiac Grand AM registered in New Mexico under the license plate BRGP30.

Shaniah was a female from Valencia County, New Mexico, who was 17 years old. Anyone with information regarding Shaniah Varlea’s whereabouts is urged to contact the VCSO at 505-865-9130 or 911.

Emphasizing Community Power:

With multiple mentions on Instagram and YouTube, posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, and other social media platforms, the power of social media has been used to try and spread the word, increasing the demand for information regarding Shaniah’s whereabouts. This group effort demonstrates the community’s unwavering will to get Shaniah back with her loved ones.

We must hold onto hope and carry on the diligent search for Shaniah Varlea as the community perseveres and the search gets more intense. The community’s unshakable dedication to ensuring her safe return is reflected in the outpouring of support and coordinated effort.