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Expats Episode 5: Recap & Review

The fifth episode of Expats sheds light on the lives and desires of domestic workers while underlining the difficulties they encounter. Hilary’s divorce is a symbol of her decision to put her personal needs ahead of her desire to remain in an unpleasant marriage. The advice from Puri’s friends to keep your distance from Hilary was validated when Puri missed her talent show audition.

Expats Episode 5 Recap

It is a tradition in Hong Kong that housemaids are free to take a day off from their week. All these helpers decide to come together and set up their spots on the streets, doing their best to unwind from their hectic schedules. These women, who are dedicated, hardworking, and usually among the less spoken about entities in the house, are seen chatting, giggling, singing, and dancing – becoming completely different personalities when compared to their professional lives.

What is revealed to Puri regarding David Starr?

We see Puri (Amelyn Pardenilla) rehearsing a cover of “Roar” by Katy Perry. This song, in my opinion, is meant to demonstrate how these women have voices of their own but decide not to use them since their livelihoods are in jeopardy. Puri has been honing her vocals in preparation for her forthcoming singing competition, which she hopes to win. Puri learns that Hilary’s husband, David Starr, has been having affairs with Mercy and may have even had her impregnated when she joins her other pals in discussing the goings-on in their employer’s life.

Why is Essie experiencing guilt?

At this point, Essie’s side of the tale is revealed to us. Back in Manila, Essie has family. She had a grandson not long ago. She is quite close to the kids, though, because her life at the Woo’s keeps her apart. She feels a stronger bond with Gus than she does with her own son for some reason, and ever since the young child vanished, her only concern has been for him. When Essie starts crying, Puri consoles her by telling her that David has been residing at a motel because Mercy is the reason her employer’s life has also been shattered.