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Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5: Recap, Cast &; More

Episode 5 of Season 9 of Chicago Med Charles is enlisted by Goodwin in “I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You” to assess her ex-husband’s memory. One of Sean’s treatment center friends is being treated by Archer. A woman from a rural clinic who had her miscarriage treated incorrectly is seen by Asher. This is what you overlooked!

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 Recap

Maggie queries Peter about getting her divorce documents notarized. In the meantime, a woman enters the hospital with an elderly guy she has never seen before. He will not stop saying, “Help Betty.”

Daniel is asked about Bert by Sharon. He claims that Bert did not return his call, but he is unconcerned. Sharon informs Charles of Bert’s most recent hospital stay, although Bert detests going to the doctor. He is coming in today, though, for a follow-up on his knee. Charles claims to have seen him.

A child who reports feeling OK has a heart rate of 140. After noticing soreness in his abdomen, she requests a CT scan.

Someone brings in a lady. Her loss occurred two weeks ago, and she is still in shock. She was beyond the capacity of the remote clinic to care for her. Maggie gives Hannah a call. Hannah writes an antibiotic prescription right away.

The patient has been carrying fetal remnants for two weeks, Hannah informs someone.

John Doe becomes conscious. He introduces himself as Jimmy and repeats Betty. She is his sister, he claims. She is ill and at home. Dr. Sorensen is needed by them. He says he’s employed here.

Ripley checks in on this person with Charles. Send the chart to Charles, he says.

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 5 Cast

  • Daniel, played by Oliver Platt.
    Epatha Merkerson Charles, in the role of Sharon Goodwin
  • Maggie Lockwood, played by Marlyne Barrett
  • Dr. Crockett, played by Dominic Rains Marcel
  • Dr. Stevie Hammer, played by Kristen Hager
  • As Dr. Dean Archer, Steven Weber
  • Dr. Hannah Asher, played by Jessy Schram