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A man from Minneapolis is arrested in a fatal multi-vehicle crash that occurs in Arden Hills.

In a devastating incident that unfolded on Friday morning, a multi-vehicle crash in Arden Hills claimed the lives of a New Brighton couple. A 32-year-old Minneapolis man has been arrested in connection with the accident that closed Interstate 694 for several hours. The tragedy has left the community in mourning as details of the incident continue to emerge.

A man from Minneapolis is arrested in a fatal multi-vehicle crash that occurs in Arden Hills.

A man from Minneapolis is arrested in a fatal multi-vehicle crash that occurs in Arden Hills.

Fatal Crash Details

The State Patrol reports that Karin Leigh O’Connor, 74, and Curtis John O’Connor, 76, of New Brighton, lost their lives in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 694 at approximately 8:45 a.m. on Friday. The collision involved an SUV striking their sedan, which was then forced into another lane and subsequently hit by a semi-trailer truck.

Arrest and Criminal Charges

The driver of the sedan, who survived the crash with non-life-threatening injuries, has been identified as a 32-year-old Minneapolis man. He was arrested on probable cause criminal vehicular homicide. According to authorities, alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor in the tragic incident.

Sequence of Events

The State Patrol’s preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect was traveling west on Interstate 694 and approaching Snelling Avenue when his vehicle swerved from the right lane to the left shoulder. Subsequently, the vehicle overcorrected, spun out, crossed through a ditch, and ultimately struck the victims’ sedan. The sedan was then struck by the westbound semi-trailer truck.

Victims’ Identities Revealed

The victims, Karin Leigh O’Connor and Curtis John O’Connor, were residents of New Brighton. Their lives were tragically cut short in the sequence of events that unfolded on Friday morning.

Investigation Ongoing

As the community grapples with the loss and shock of the fatal crash, law enforcement continues its investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident. The arrest of the Minneapolis man sheds light on potential criminal charges that may arise from the tragic event.

Impact on the Community

The loss of lives in this fatal crash reverberates through the Arden Hills community and beyond. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound consequences of impaired driving and the importance of responsible and safe behavior on the roads.

Conclusion: A Community in Mourning

In conclusion, the Arden Hills community finds itself in mourning following the tragic multi-vehicle crash that claimed the lives of Karin Leigh O’Connor and Curtis John O’Connor. As the investigation unfolds, the community comes together to support one another and reflect on the impact of this devastating incident. The events serve as a sobering reminder of the need for vigilance and responsibility on the roads to prevent further tragedies.