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Regulation Stabilisation: A Bill in Iowa That Would Aim to Control High THC Hemp and Cannabis Products

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Iowa Legislators Deliberate on Bill Addressing THC Levels in Hemp and Cannabis Products

Iowa lawmakers are currently deliberating House Study Bill 665, a proposed legislation aiming to make amendments to the state’s regulation of hemp products. The bill, brought forward by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, specifically targets the THC content in hemp and cannabis products, addressing concerns related to public health, business compliance, and accessibility for minors.

Regulation Stabilisation: A Bill in Iowa That Would Aim to Control High THC Hemp and Cannabis Products

Regulation Stabilisation: A Bill in Iowa That Would Aim to Control High THC Hemp and Cannabis Products

Background: Evolving Cannabis Landscape in Iowa

Following the restricted legalization of medical cannabis in 2017 and updates on the sale of certain hemp products in 2019, Iowa has witnessed a growing market for both grown and synthetic cannabis products. These products adhere to the state’s 0.3% THC limit for hemp-derived products, aligning with the state’s medical cannabidiol program.

Key Provisions of House Study Bill 665

  1. Direct Regulation by Health and Human Services: The bill proposes measures allowing the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services to have more direct regulatory authority over the sale of hemp-derived and cannabis products. This includes penalizing businesses not conforming to Iowa law, such as selling products exceeding the state’s THC limit or in non-accepted forms.
  2. Minors Access Restriction: House Study Bill 665 includes provisions prohibiting the sale or provision of cannabis products to individuals under the age of 21. This measure aims to address concerns related to the potential health risks associated with cannabis use among teenagers.
  3. Administrative Action Against Alcoholic Beverages with THC: The legislation empowers the state to take administrative action against businesses involved in manufacturing and selling alcoholic beverages containing THC. This aligns with efforts to control the distribution of THC-infused products.

Concerns Raised by Industry Representatives

Some business owners and farmers have expressed concerns about the potential impact of the bill on law-abiding businesses. The fear is that the proposed regulations might inadvertently affect businesses adhering to current laws, causing collateral damage.

Support for Increased Oversight

On the other hand, supporters of the legislation, including Iowa Mental Health Advocacy, highlight the need for increased oversight to safeguard public health. Concerns are raised about the accessibility of high-potency THC products to minors, with medical studies indicating potential risks, such as an increased likelihood of developing psychosis and schizophrenia among teens using such products.

Legislative Progress and Future Discussions

The bill has moved out of subcommittee with a 2-1 vote, emphasizing the importance of advancing the conversation around cannabis and hemp regulation. Lawmakers recognize the need for a balanced approach that addresses concerns raised by businesses while prioritizing public health.