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Marissa Janin, 14-year-old committed suicide after being bullied on TikTok at school in London

A 14-year-old girl killed herself in a terrible event that rocked the neighbourhood after she was subjected to constant abuse on social media. Her loved ones were heartbroken to learn that Marisa Janin, a student at a Jewish Free School in London, had died at home. Her peers revealed the magnitude of the cyberbullying she suffered during the inquiry into her death, shedding insight into the agony she underwent.

What happened to Marissa Janin?

Mariano Janin, Marisa’s father, claims that his daughter suffered constant bullying on TikTok, which ultimately caused her early death. He thinks that Marisa’s short and devastating struggle with cancer was mostly brought on by the stress she experienced as a result of this internet torture. Evidence was presented at Barnet Coroner’s Court indicating that Marisa experienced bullying at school, with her friendship circle being called the “suicide squad.”

Children in Marisa’s year made statements that exposed the severity of the online and in-person bullying she experienced over her three years at JFS. The popularity of social media platforms has increased bullying’s reach and severity by creating new channels for it. In Marisa’s instance, the bullying happened mostly on TikTok, where she endured insults, humiliations, and disparaging remarks. She was feeling helpless and depressed because of how persistent the harassment was.

Marissa Janin: Orbutiary

We send the Janin family our sincere sympathies and support during this time of great sadness. Their lives have an inexplicable hole since Marisa passed away, and our hearts hurt for their unfathomable suffering. We extend our deepest condolences and hope that the community’s outpouring of love and support brings some comfort at this trying time. May Marisa’s family find solace in the recollections of her lively personality and the affection she imparted during this painful bereavement. We are standing with them in their loss, supporting one another with all of our thoughts and prayers.