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Drag Entertainer Desiree DeMornay Passed Away, What was the cause of Desiree DeMornay Death?

Desiree DeMornay Death

Desiree DeMornay was a talented woman from Louisiana. She was famous for her work as the show director for Hamburger Mary’s Tampa.

Desiree DeMornay’s family, fans, and friends shared the news of her death on social media on January 24, 2024, after which the news of her death went viral.

Desiree DeMornay was a longtime competitor, who won many titles in the whole nation, including Miss Black Universe 2019, Miss Phoenix Pride 2022, Miss Mardi Gras 2018, Miss Victorian International Plus 2017, Miss Sunshine State Black Universe 2017, Miss Large and Lovely 2010, Miss Gay USofA at Large 2011, Miss Lakeland 2008 and more.

Desiree DeMornay opened up about her cancer diagnosis and treatment on social media. Desiree DeMornay wrote on January 7, 2024-

“I have been very ill, and I don’t have the energy right now to talk to everybody I love and everybody that loves me.”

“I see your messages, and I promise I am not ignoring any of you,” she continued. “I am really just reserving my energy and fighting to get better. I LOVE YOU ALL!”

Desiree DeMornay’s cause of death was stomach cancer.

Desiree DeMornay on January 24, 2024, Local Pride organizations as well as many people across the country paid tribute-

“The Tampa Pride organization expresses deep sorrow upon receiving the news of Desiree A DeMornay’s passing,” Tampa Pride wrote. “Being an integral part of our local community for many years, Desiree brought a vibrant energy and unwavering pageantry that touched the lives of all who knew and loved her.

“We honor her legacy and remember her for the love and beauty she brought to our community,” the organization continued. “May she rest in power, forever cherished and remembered as a beautiful soul.”

“Desiree DeMornay was a force within our community. It brings us great sadness to hear of her passing,” Polk Pride also shared. “Desiree blazed trails for LGBTQ+ entertainers locally and nationwide, acquiring several titles throughout her career, including Miss Lakeland 2008. We grieve for her loss alongside all who loved her.”

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