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Who is Alex Jones? Why is Alex Jones Famous?

Alex Jones
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Alex Jones, a controversial figure and the founder of Infowars, has been widely criticized for his often false claims and claims that promote conspiracies. These criticisms have led many to call him a “conspiracy theorist” and to be skeptical of his claims. However, through doing a little research and digging deep into his life, you’ll get a complete picture of this polarizing figure.

Why is Alex Jones Famous? Jones is known for his frequent fabrications.

In the 1990s, Jones began working in public access broadcasting in Austin, Texas. He peddled conspiracies about the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, from his earliest days on the radio. He created Infowars in 1999 and began broadcasting online and through radio syndication after his ludicrous assertions cost him his job at a local radio station. Jones gained notoriety as a “truther” following the September 11th attacks by asserting that the Bush administration was responsible for the catastrophe.

With a growing audience, Jones helped popularise a term for pernicious doubt: not merely that the government and media are hiding the truth, but also that sad occurrences are being planned for evil reasons. Sara Aniano, a misinformation researcher at the Anti-Defamation League, stated that he “is at least a trigger of those dominant narratives that follow practically every major incident, whether it’s a mass shooting or otherwise.” Perhaps the most extreme example was Jones’ response to Sandy Hook. For many years, Infowars broadcast fabrications suggesting that the tragedy was made up and that the family of the dead children were telling lies.

How to Alex Jones Make Money on Infowars?

Infowars makes money by “preaching the apocalypse”. Not only does Infowars spread damaging misinformation, but it also makes money off of them. The parent firm of Infowars reportedly made $64 million in sales of vitamins, survivalist gear, and other things last year, according to a forensic economist retained by the parents’ attorneys. Additionally, the plaintiffs provided proof from Jones’s own cell phone demonstrating that Infowars was earning as much as $800,000 per day in 2018.

The economist calculated that Jones and Infowars’ combined net worth ranges from $135 million to $270 million. Jones is not the first individual to spread conspiracy theories, but Infowars used the internet’s potential to do so on a large scale, setting a precedent that anti-vaccine activists have followed. Those who reject COVID-19 and support erroneous assertions that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

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