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“Cooking with Lynja” TikTok Star Lynn Yamada Davis Dies at 67 | Cause of Death

Lynn Yamada Davis Cause of Death
NBC News

Lynn Yamada Davis was a famous American TikToker, influencer, as well as a celebrity chef.

Lynn Yamada Davis was well-known by her online alias Lynja.

Lynn Yamada Davis worked as a project manager and systems engineer at AT&T Labs for 29 years.

In 2020, Lynn Yamada Davis appeared in the “Cooking with Lynja” video. In 2022, her video “Cooking with Lynja” won “Best Editing” and “Best Food” at the 12th Streamy Awards.

She often teams up with Nick DiGiovanni and in November 2021 they accomplished something cool – breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest cake pop ever made. This sugary behemoth weighed 97 pounds 8.52 ounces (44.240 kg).

Their collaborative efforts also set records for the world’s largest chicken nugget, weighing 20.96 kilograms (46.2 lb), and the world’s largest sushi roll, measuring an impressive 2.15 meters (7 ft 1 in) in diameter. This is a great treat for the record books!

Lynn Yamada Davis Cause of Death, Obituary

Recently, the news of the death of famous TikTok star Lynn Yamada Davis is coming to light. Lynn Yamada Davis died on January 1, 2024, at Riverview Medical Center at the age of 67.

Lynn Yamada Davis’ cause of death was complications from esophageal cancer.

Lynn Yamada Davis was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, which caused her voice to change. In 2021, Lynn was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Lynn Yamada Davis’ death was announced by her son in a post on social media, sharing photos and memories of Lynn’s life. After hearing the news of Lynn Yamada Davis’ death, people who knew her saw her and loved her paid tribute through social media.

Lynn Yamada Davis Age, Husband, and Early Life

Lynn Yamada Davis was born to her parents on July 31, 1956, in New York City, U.S. Lynn Yamada Davis was also known as Lynja. Lynn Yamada Davis’ nationality was American.

Lynn Yamada Davis’ parents were Mabel Fujisake and Tadao Yamada. Lynn Yamada was a third-generation Japanese-American.

Lynn Yamada did her studies at Fort Lee High School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Columbia Business School.

Lynn Yamada Davis married twice. Lynn Yamada Davis’s husband’s name is unavailable. Lynn Yamada Davis has never shared any information about her married life and husband, due to which very little information is available about her husband.

Lynn Yamada Davis has four children, including professional soccer player Sean Davis and her cameraman for her channel, Tim Davis.

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