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World Cup Wining Player and Coach Franz Beckenbauer dies at 78

Franz Beckenbauer Died

Franz Beckenbauer was a popular German professional football player and manager. Franz Beckenbauer was also known by his nickname “Der Kaiser”.

Franz Beckenbauer was a talented player who began his career as a midfielder but gained fame as a central defender. Many recognize him as the inventor of the modern sweeper (libero) position.

Achieving success in both club and international football, Beckenbauer is one of nine players to have won the FIFA World Cup, the European Champions Cup, and the Ballon d’Or.

Franz Beckenbauer Cause of Death

Recently the news of Franz Beckenbauer’s death is coming to light. Franz Beckenbauer died on 7 January 2024 in Austria, at the age of 78.

Franz Beckenbauer’s death was confirmed by his family in a note sent to Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

Franz Beckenbauer had cardiac surgery twice in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, Franz Beckenbauer also got an artificial hip installed.

What was Franz Beckenbauer known for?

Franz Beckenbauer holds a special place in football history. He not only popularized the libero position but also played a key role in making Bayern Munich a dominant force in German football. Additionally, he is one of the few people to have won the World Cup as both a player and manager.

Franz Beckenbauer Early Life

Franz Beckenbauer’s full name was Franz Anton Beckenbauer. Franz Beckenbauer was born on 11 September 1945 in Munich, Germany.

When Franz Beckenbauer died, his age was 78 years. Franz Beckenbauer height was 5 feet 11 inches. Franz Beckenbauer parents was Franz Beckenbauer, Sr. and Antonie Hupfauf.

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