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Is Cocoa Tea Dead? What Happened to Cocoa Tea?

Rumours have been circulating recently regarding the potential demise of well-known Jamaican reggae performer Cocoa Tea, real name Colvin “Cocoa Tea” Scott. The cherished singer’s family, however, has spoken out to dispel these rumours and provide clarification on the circumstances.

The family of Cocoa Tea has affirmed that he is still alive, despite the claims that have been going around. They made it clear in a statement that although he is in the hospital right now, his condition is not indicative of his death. His family has asked for prayers for his comfort at this difficult time.

Is Cocoa Tea Dead?

Not at all Cocoa Tea, a well-known Jamaican reggae performer, is still very much alive, according to his wife Malvia Scott, despite internet reports to the contrary. She denied the allegations and asked people to pray for him.

She did, however, reveal that he has been living in Florida and is currently in a hospital in America. The family has not released information regarding his sickness or present state of health; instead, they are requesting privacy during this difficult time.

What Happened to Cocoa Tea?

Cocoa Tea’s wife has confirmed that he is really in the hospital right now. He may be in the hospital, but he is still alive. Malvia Scott has admitted to being in the hospital, but she hasn’t given any information on the nature of the disease or his current state of health. The family has asked for quiet and prayers at this difficult time.

While Cocoa Tea’s hospitalization is worrying, it is critical to respect the family’s privacy and await more information on his condition. Meanwhile, the reggae community and fans are united in their support and prayers for Cocoa Tea’s quick recovery.