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Where is Genie Francis Now? What happened to Genie Francis?

Genie Francis, a famous American actress well known for her work on “General Hospital,” has a secluded existence. And, according to the most recent source, specifics regarding her present status and activities are not public.

Where is Genie Francis Now?

The most well-known role that Genie Francis has played is Laura Spencer on the soap opera “General Hospital.” Her age as of the most recent data that is available is 61. Over the course of her decades-long career, Genie has won praise for her services to television and a Daytime Emmy Award in 2007.

Regarding Genie’s present location and activities, precise information is not accessible. Celebrities frequently keep certain aspects of their personal life private, and the general public may not have easy access to this information.

In her private life, Genie wed actor/director Jonathan Frakes in 1988; the couple is blessed with two kids. The pair has resided in some locations, including Calabasas, California, Belfast, Maine, and Beverly Hills, California.

What happened to Genie Francis?

Genie Francis secured a full-time deal to play Laura Spencer on “General Hospital,” and as of July 2018, it was verified that she was still actively involved in the show. This came after a brief hiatus in 2015, during which her character travelled to France for medical care as part of a plot that enabled Anthony Geary’s exit from the program. A turning point in the story was reached on June 5, 2015, when Genie made her way back into the show.

Her tenure at “General Hospital” did, however, have some ups and downs in the years that followed. Genie Francis changed in January 2018, when she was moved to recurring status. She returned to a full-time position in the program with the signing of a new contract later in July 2018. Which was a positive development. For the most latest update on Genie Francis’s position on “General Hospital.” One should consult official releases from the show’s producers or recent news sources. The information provided is valid only until July 2018.