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Specialist in Naval Intelligence: US Navy Prepared to Fight Iranian Threats

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Retired Lt. Cmdr. Steven Rogers, a former U.S. Naval Officer at the Office Of Naval Intelligence, has emphasized the resounding success of the USS Gerald Ford’s mission in the Middle East. As the vessel returns home, questions arise about the necessity of maintaining a two-carrier presence in the region, especially given ongoing attacks by Iranian proxies aimed at harming Israel.

Specialist in Naval Intelligence: US Navy Prepared to Fight Iranian Threats

Specialist in Naval Intelligence: US Navy Prepared to Fight Iranian Threats

Mission Success and Deterrence

Rogers, confident in the Navy’s capabilities, asserted that the mission effectively deterred Iran’s forces, showcasing the United States Navy’s preparedness and ability to handle any challenges. The USS Gerald Ford’s presence has played a crucial role in maintaining stability and protecting strategic assets in the Middle East.

Naval Intelligence Perspective

Drawing on his experience in Naval Intelligence, Rogers downplayed the need for a second carrier, emphasizing the continuous readiness of the Navy to respond to potential threats. According to him, the Navy’s capacity to employ lethal power, if necessary, remains unquestionable.

Underestimating the US Navy

Rogers expressed concern that Iran and other adversaries may be “sorely underestimating” the strength and capabilities of the United States Navy. He warned that any crossing of lines by adversaries would prompt the Navy to take decisive action, not only to protect U.S. assets but also to safeguard the interests of the free world.

Assurance of Naval Strength

“I have absolutely no worries or concerns that our U.S. Navy cannot handle anything that comes its way,” affirmed Rogers. The message is clear – the United States Navy stands ready and vigilant, equipped to employ lethal force if needed, ensuring the defense of national interests and global security.


As the USS Gerald Ford concludes its mission, the assessment from a seasoned Naval Intelligence expert echoes a robust confidence in the US Navy’s capabilities. The Navy’s continuous readiness and the unequivocal assertion that adversaries underestimate its strength send a strong message about the nation’s commitment to maintaining security and stability in the face of potential threats.

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