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Masashi Ozawa, AKA Killer Khan, died at the age of 76 || Who was Killer Khan?

The wrestling world is in grief at the death of one of its legends. Masashi Ozawa, also known as ‘Killer Khan,’ has died at the age of 76. WWE confirmed his passing on Saturday. For many wrestling fans throughout the world, this marks the end of an era.

Masashi Ozawa: Cause of Death

According to sources in Japan, he died from a burst artery after being brought to the hospital at 10 p.m. on Saturday.

Killer Khan died in Japan from a burst artery. According to reports, he slumped at his Tokyo pub before his death. His untimely death has shocked the wrestling community, with tributes flooding in from all around the world.

Who was Killer Khan?

The former wrestler slumped at the counter of Jinjo Sakaba, his Tokyo eatery. Ozawa, who was born in Niigata Prefecture, began wrestling professionally in 1971 and retired in 1987.

After training he also at the prestigious Kasukano stable to hone his sumo talents. It was in January 1971 when Ozawa joined the JWA.

In 1973, with an outstanding height of 195 cm (6’6″), he made his debut in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In Mexico in 1978, Ozawa also took on a character influenced by Mongolia. Resulting in Killer Khan’s wildly successful 1979 campaign in the United States.

Masashi Ozawa: Obituary

Fans and wrestlers have expressed their grief and shared their memories of Killer Khan. The wrestling world has been saddened by the news of his death. He will be remembered not just for his ring prowess, but also for his larger-than-life demeanor, which helped him become a revered character in wrestling history.

Khan made a big impression in the ring while competing as a wrestler for the WWE. Over the course of his multi-decade career, he faced up against some of the biggest names in the business. His bouts were characterized by a strong sense of competition and charisma. turning them into a visual spectacle.