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Is Dino Fetscher in a Relationship? Who is Dino Fetscher Partner?

Dino Fetscher Pertner

Dino Fetscher is a popular Welsh Actor.

Dino Fetscher is well-recognized for his role in the Banana, Paranoid, Cucumber, Gentleman Jack, Humans, and Years and Years.

In 2023, Dino Fetscher appeared in the “Foundation” and “Fool Me Once” series.

How old is Dino Fetscher?

Dino Fetscher’s birth name is Dino Fabian Gamecho. Dino Fetscher was born on 9 June 1988 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Dino Fetscher’s age is 35 years.

Dino Fetscher’s height is 1.88 m. Dino Fetscher’s father is Welsh-Basque and her mother is German.

Back in 2008, he won the title of ‘Mr Gay UK’. Then, in 2017, he was nominated as a Celebrity Rising Star at the British LGBT Awards.

Who is Dino Fetscher Partner?

Dino Fetscher’s marital status is unmarried. Dino Fetscher was in a romantic relationship but is currently single. Dino Fetscher is not dating anyone or in any relationship with anyone right now.

Dino Fetscher is a G@Y. Dino Fetscher had a partner. Dino Fetscher’s partner’s name is Chris Wilson. He is a dedicated Veterinary Surgeon.

Dino Fetscher and Chris Wilson started dating each other in 2017 and they separated in 2020.

Dino Fetscher’s partner plays a key role at The Neighborhood Vet Ltd, devoting more than seven years to the care of animals since January 2017.

Chris Wilson began his journey in veterinary medicine at Donview Vet Center, working from September 2012 to October 2014, laying the foundation for his future work.

Following his passion, Dino Fetscher’s partner brought his expertise to Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, where he worked for a total of eight months from May 2016 to December 2016.

Dino Fetscher Movies Career

In 2013, Dino Fetscher made his acting debut as David Greenberg in the “An Equinox of Love” short film.

In 2015, Dino Fetscher made his television debut as Aiden in the “Cucumber” series.

Dino Fetscher also acted in many movies and television series such as Forget the Pact, Banana, Now You See Me 2, Years and Years, The Split, Humans, Samuel’s Getting Hitched, Paranoid, Gentleman Jack, and more.

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