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French Journalist Patrick Buisson died at the age of 74

Patrick Buisson died
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Patrick Buisson was a French journalist, conservative essayist, and political advisor. Patrick Buisson was a journalist for Le Crapouillot, Minute, La Chaîne Info, and Valeurs Actuelles.

Recently, the news of Patrick Buisson’s death has gone viral very fast on the internet. According to reports, On 26 Dec 2023, Patrick Buisson’s body was discovered. Patrick Buisson died at the age of 74. Patrick Buisson’s cause of death is unavailable.

Patrick Buisson was born on 19 April 1949 in Paris, France. When Patrick Buisson died. he was 74 years old. Patrick Buisson did his studies at Paris Nanterre University and School City School Pasteur.

Patrick Buisson was to his parents. Patrick Buisson’s father Georges Buisson. He worked as an engineer for Électricité de France. He was also a member of the Camelots du Roi.

Patrick Buisson was a married man. Patrick Buisson has a son Georges Buisson with her wife.

Patrick Buisson wrote various books on the Algerian War, Vichy France, and the Indochina War. As founder and co-owner of PublicFact, a polling agency, he played a key role as an advisor to former President Nicolas Sarkozy from 2006 to 2012.

During this period, he secretly recorded private conversations with the President. He also co-hosted the show “Historicament” on Histoire, a subsidiary of TF1 Group, where he served as chairman.

In February 2014, Le Point magazine revealed that Patrick had secretly recorded private conversations with President Sarkozy. A month later, in March 2014, Le Canard Enchaine published the transcripts. Patrick’s son, Georges, denied being the one who leaked them.

Patrick Buisson worked as a television journalist for La Chêne Info and co-created the TV program 100% Politique with David Pujadas and the Politiquement Show with Michelle Fields.

Patrick also served as president of Histoire, a TV channel that is a subsidiary of the TF1 group, starting in 2007. His contract was renewed in 2015. Patrick presented the Historiquement Show, a history TV program, with Michelle Fields.

On 24 September 2007, Patrick was awarded the Legion of Honour.

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