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Cause of Death of David DeNitto : Who is David DeNitto?

David DeNitto Christmas shooting

At a late-night Christmas celebration on Sunday, David DeNitto, the late Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel’s spouse, is suspected of killing two individuals before ending his own life. Around 11:30 p.m., according to Phoenix police, officers were summoned to a residence close to Central Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

How was the shooting taken out?

A fight broke out during a Christmas get-together late on Sunday night, according to Phoenix police, and the shooting happened just before midnight.

David DeNitto Christmas shooting

Who else was inside the residence when the shots were fired was not immediately disclosed by the police. When the police came, they claimed to have discovered DeNitto deceased inside the home.

Sgt. Melissa Soliz of Phoenix police said, “Details about what preceded the incident remain part of the ongoing investigation.”

David DeNitto Biography

According to the police, DeNitto took his own life on Sunday night after shooting Cash and Domini to death.

According to property records, DeNitto and Allister Adel, the late Maricopa County Attorney who passed away in April 2022. The were the owners of a house in that block. After over 20 years of marriage, DeNitto and Adel produced two kids.

We are completely devastated by this unfathomable loss, my family and I. Following his wife’s passing, the late DeNitto said, “We are so proud to call Allister wife and mum.”

According to his corporate homepage, DeNitto was a financial consultant for Wells Fargo. As recently as September, he shared pictures of himself with his two boys on Facebook. DeNitto indicated on the business website that he was active in the Phoenix.

Following Sunday’s massacre, County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, Adel’s replacement, issued a statement in which she stated that the tragedy was beyond comprehension.

Mitchell continued, “I’m asking the community to join me in praying for the affected families and, most especially, Allister’s children.”