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Disturbing Discovery in Bella Vista: Man Arrested with Live Bombs and Plans to Flee the Country

In the tranquil town of Bella Vista, Arkansas, where daily life usually unfolds without incident, recent events have taken a startling turn. Lawrence Hickman, a 52-year-old resident, finds himself at the center of a shocking incident involving homemade bombs, a potential escape plan, and a million-dollar bond.

Disturbing Discovery in Bella Vista: Man Arrested with Live Bombs and Plans to Flee the Country

Disturbing Discovery in Bella Vista: Man Arrested with Live Bombs and Plans to Flee the Country

Unexpected Discovery

It all began when a woman, disturbed by harassment, reached out to the Bella Vista Police Department on December 9. Little did anyone anticipate the startling revelation that awaited them at Hickman’s residence.

From Harassment to Hazards

Upon arrival, officers encountered the distressed woman, who not only reported harassment but also stumbled upon a bottle of chloroform in a dresser drawer. The situation quickly escalated when she disclosed the presence of six live pipe bombs in Hickman’s home on Bishampton Lane.

Evacuations and Bomb Squad Response

Concerned for the community’s safety, the Bentonville Bomb Squad was summoned, and neighbors were swiftly evacuated. The ticking danger hidden within the plastic bag of homemade bombs left everyone on edge.

Bizarre Narratives and Unsettling Motives

As the investigation unfolded, details emerged about Hickman’s peculiar motives. According to a neighbor, Hickman harbored aspirations of kayaking to the Philippines to reunite with his wife. Even more alarming were his claims that the pipe bombs were intended for sharks and pirates, coupled with a strange mention of booze for Russians.

Arrest on a Washington Pier

With Hickman absent from his home, the search for him led to a pier in Pacific County, Washington. On December 13, police apprehended him with two inflatable kayaks, uncovering an unsettling assortment of items, including firearms, ammunition, and electronic devices.

Fleeing to Escape Justice

The puzzle began to take shape as detectives revealed Hickman’s alleged motive for fleeing – to avoid an upcoming trial in Texas. The charges brought against him, involving six counts of criminal possession of explosive material or destructive devices, resulted in a staggering $1 million bond.

Community On Edge

In a community where such incidents are rare, the discovery of live bombs and a resident’s apparent plan to escape justice has left Bella Vista residents bewildered and anxious. The incident serves as a stark reminder that even in seemingly ordinary neighborhoods, unexpected dangers can emerge.

As legal proceedings unfold, the town grapples with the aftermath of an event that has disrupted its sense of peace and security. The hope is for a swift resolution and a return to the familiar rhythms of daily life in Bella Vista.

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